Do you feel that the sense of a neighbor isn't what it used to be? Wouldn't it be nice to live in a community where folks are involved and care about what happens in their immediate area?

If your answer is yes then you have something in common with Wil Reguera, the founder of, a Miami based company with the simple goal of Uniting Communities one Neighborhood at a Time.

Reguera, a self proclaimed tech junkie and avid people person, decided that there needed to be a way of balancing the traditional offline community experience with the virtual and social one, by bringing local, "micro" communities together online in a streamlined fashion all while encouraging offline engagement.

The business model was tested and proved, that yes, people DO care and DO want to get involved in their community. ZooWaa will let the user get as involved as much as they would like. They can easily plan neighborhood events or just keep up with very local community issues.

Aside from ZooWaa's core goal of living in a more united, involved and safer neighborhood, Reguera says, that another main focus will be that of supporting hyper local business. By hyper local he means the business that you can basically walk to from your home.

Signing up for is FREE. Once you become a user, the system aligns you with neighbors that live within a one mile radius and therefore encourages "real" interaction between neighbors. If you think about it, you probably see your neighbors more often than you see your extended family. Boris Fornaris, Developer and Partner, says "that it's all thanks to our unique GEO Grouping Technology that you will not have to go in search of groups or wait for an email invitation, the site is very easy to navigate and completely automatic".

So if you feel that you have lost touch with reality and Social Media has made you the "nose in your phone antisocial", sign up for ZooWaa and put the social where it belongs: In Real Life.